Rational Process BV


White-Label mobile wallet platform

Rational Process B.V. is the platform for digital services for daily consumption and purchasing processes on smartphones Rational Process B.V. digitizes everyday consumption and shopping processes on the smartphones and links them closely with the usual banking and payment services and with added values, such as loyalty and couponing programs.

Shopping, collecting information and paying – everything occurs digitally via an app, no matter whether at the POS, on the go or from home. Rational Process B.V. offers the most digital comfort. We are experts in digital product data management and digital payment on smartphones.

Create as many online wallets as you need via API. The wallets guarantee a high availability and low execution times. It’s designed for frequently used wallets.


Rational Process is a Platform as a service "PAAS" for digital services for daily consumption and purchasing processes on smartphones

Trustable Bridge

TrustableBridge.com paves the way for decision-making by providing precise credit scoring based on financial history.

Sometimes you need to ask your client to provide information about his/her money and bank accounts before they can work with you, Trustable Bridge makes that fast simple and secure.

Send a request for evaluation through our platform to your client ,then an overview is made of all periodic income and expenses based on historical income and expenditure and sent to you.

MOGLI.app   The Swiss eWallet  Payments – fast, safe & easy

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