Rational Process B.V. brings international wire transfers into the 21st century with virtual bank accounts. It is now possible for your business to have a non resident bank account in Europe for free. With a virtual bank account you can accept payments from 35 EU countries. We route your money to your account in your home country the same day – in most markets – with 80% savings in fees.

Problem Solving! *


For many international companies, international banking is time-consuming, frustrating, expensive. Without a non resident bank account in Europe, international payments can take almost a week. And due to the sprawling systems and thousands of employees at traditional banks, the costs are high.


  • Cannot open a bank account in Europe
  • Cannot collect or send domestic wire transfers (SEPA Payments)
  • Pays SWIFT fee of €30
  • Pays currency conversion cost of 3-6%
  • Cannot access EU payment gateways
  • Suffers the frustration of bureaucratic banking processes
  • Cannot collect payments from marketplaces like Amazon
  • Waits 2-5 days per transfer


With a virtual bank account (VBA) you can make and receive payments instantly. Having a non-resident European bank account allows you to centralize incoming and outgoing payments, which makes reconciliation easier. You spend less time on manual processes and the cost of operating the bank account itself is reduced because incoming funds are routed directly to your master account, rather than being held in a VBA.


  • Can receive SEPA payments from 35 EU countries for free in 2-12 hours
  • Can make SEPA payments to 35 EU countries
  • Saves €30 SWIFT fee and +80% on Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Can take advantage of FX conversion automation
  • Can use its IBAN to integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways
  • Can access premium brokers to make global payments in 138 currencies
  • Gets Instant notifications of incoming payments
  • Can take advantage of online on boarding


A global exporter from Brazil doesn’t yet have the volume to set up subsidiaries overseas or apply for a non resident bank account in Europe. The company is forced to rely on wire transfers to get paid. These come with a 3% to 6% transaction fee and – almost certainly – delays. With these solutions there is no way to track the progress of the transaction for either the sender or the receiver. B2B Pay virtual bank accounts are free to set up and have only a 1% transaction fee. Money arrives quickly and both parties are notified and can track every stage of the process.

What is a virtual bank?

A virtual bank is a bank without the hassle. It means that – generally speaking – your business can get an account set up in a few minutes with a simple phone call. You don’t have to clear time in your schedule to visit the bank office, no paperwork to sign. With a virtual bank you get a safe infrastructure for secure transactions, regulated in the same way a normal bank is. The same EU rules and regulations apply, so your funds are safe. Another advantage is that virtual banks work with multiple banking networks simultaneously which means you multiple banks working for you in one. The best the world of banking has to offer today is a Virtual Bank Account with a free virtual IBAN.

A business without a virtual IBAN account is missing out

Looking at the market from this new perspective, B2B Pay recognizes the need for a simpler way to do business in Europe. If you’re a global exporter that doesn’t yet have the volume to set up subsidiaries to meet the requirements to open a traditional bank account, you must rely on wire transfers from your importer. That means delays and a steep fee of 3% to 6% per transaction. With B2B Pay’s virtual IBAN account you can receive payments in the EU, without the hassle or the costs. B2B Pay offers you a Virtual Bank Account that provides the exact service you need from a bank account. No costly unnecessary services, complex applications or compliance processes. A non resident bank account is the perfect solution for your international business.

The B2B Pay virtual bank account with IBAN in Europe

Rational Process B.V. is offering a simple solution: after a basic compliance check you will get your own European IBAN number. You can then benefit from free bank transfers from B2B importers from all 35 SEPA countries with a non resident bank account. B2B Pay instantly transfers the money to your domestic bank for a much better fee: up to 80% cheaper. B2B Pay is very easy to set up and there are no maintenance fees. After setting up your account you will receive your free IBAN account number. You can use it right away on your invoices and contracts with customers in the SEPA zone, which include all major European countries. You will get a notification when money has been transferred into your account.

For which countries can we do a B2B Transfer?

Other countries

We are also working with customers in other countries, including Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and dozens of other countries in the world.

For which countries can we do a B2B Transfer?

Other countries

We are also working with customers in other countries, including Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and dozens of other countries in the world.