Digital Wallet Service

With these products, Rational Process BV is revolutionizing digital self-service shopping and ordering with smartphones.

Only when shopping, ordering and paying on a smartphone can be done at once fluidly, quickly and safely can the consumer speak of increased convenience in digitization. This is where Rational Process BV comes into play.

White-Label mobile wallet platform

Rational Process BV is the platform for digital services for daily consumption and purchasing processes on smartphones ePay B.V. digitizes everyday consumption and shopping processes on the smartphones and links them closely with the usual banking and payment services and with added values, such as loyalty and couponing programs. Shopping, collecting information and paying – everything occurs digitally via an app, no matter whether at the POS, on the go or from home. Rational Process BV offers the most digital comfort. We are experts in digital product data management and digital payment on smartphones. Create as many online wallets as you need via API. The wallets guarantee a high availability and low execution times. It’s designed for frequently used wallets.


Our on-premise installation model includes full end-to-end deployment and installation and production support by experienced and highly skilled ePay B.V. employees.


Focus on your core business while making use of Rational Process B.V. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solutions. We offer our SaaS solution and the complete execution of your back-office administration.