Shopping on the go with your smartphone

The smartphone is revolutionizing our shopping behavior already today. Mobile shopping in particular is experiencing great popularity. Time and location-independent shopping offers new potential, above all in an improved availability of the products. Services such as home delivery or picking up items at a business make shopping with your smartphone even more convenient and flexible.

Mobile Shop

Spontaneously searching for products and services, because you are in the mood to do it now. No matter where you are. Then immediately ordering the searched product via smartphone, choosing the delivery method based on your current needs and making payment smoothly. Digital SHOP offers the optimal solution for this. Either as an individual solution or in conjunction with the other key products Digital Self Service at the POS and Digital Pre-ordering.


Travel Service’s

Booking flight and hotel ticket via Amadeus web service and other providers. Mobile solution make easy and faster service provider for travel industry, specially when we can offer multi currency wallet to our client, via this solution travel industry have more marketing possibility.