What is MOGLI

MOGLI is a multi-currency wallet that helps to better manage finances by offering services like; exchange money, transfer money, issue MOGLI card, and online shopping.

We cooperate with several third parties, here you can find a list of each:

  1. (SMS provider)
  2. (exchange money, Withdraw money)
  3. (KYC provider)

User Manual


The first step to start using this app is mobile number verification, we do so with the help of our third-party mentioned before.

Twilio sends a confirmation code to the server, then the user will receive a code via SMS.

After entering the code by the user KYC process will start


Users follow the KYC process as described below:



NOTE: If the information is not correct, Users should repeat the process or get in touch with the support team at the end of KYC via email or phone call.

Card Issue

After account activation, we will issue a CHF MOGLI card. users can see their card information by clicking on “ Card Info” in the menu. 

Crediting the Mogli card

By clicking on “Top-up”, insert money then, top-up. This amount of money will be debit from the users CHF wallet and credit to his/her card. The user should be sure that he/she has a CHF wallet and enough money to transfer.

 If users card was stolen or he/she wants to hide it, click on “Freeze” and to see it click on “Unfreeze”. 

This card is useful for online shopping. If the user needs the physical card, by clicking on “Physical Card”, It will be sent to him/her by postal mail from our third-party, Corner Card, to the address that the user filled in the KYC process. After user received the card.

After receiving the card by user, “Get physical card button will replace with  “Get Pin”, while making payments with the card this button is used to generate pin codes  and sends it by SMS to the user.

It is possible to see all the card transactions in “Card History”`

Wallets / Currency accounts

 After account activation, users have one wallet as the same currency that has been transferred to our bank account. In general, wallets could be created in 3 ways:

  1. Top up by Bank: The same currency that has been transferred into our account in step 7th of the KYC process could be the users’ new wallet 
  2. Transfer: If somebody transfers money in any currency to users’ accounts ( wallet to wallet or QR ) currency wallet will be created automatically.
  3. Exchange: For example by exchanging EUR to USD, a USD wallet will be created automatically.

Note: Wallet creation in any currency is free of charge

Note: If you want to hide a wallet please click on the hamburger on the right top of menu wallet > on/off the wallet

Money Transfer

Send  money

Users can send money to their contacts list. The money will be deducted from the wallet and will be added to the wallet whom user transferred directly. It is the best and quickest way to transfer and it is free of charge.

NOTE: if one of the parties, doesn’t have a MOGLI account, they can invite each other to install it by clicking on “INVITE” in front of his name.


Users can request money from their contacts list. If the users’ counter party accepts the request, the money will be deducted from his/her wallet and added to the user’s wallet.


If the user wishes to request money from two persons at the same time, split money helps to do so. It is also possible to request a percentage or custom of money.

Create a QR code

Users can request money from anybody even if the other party does not use MOGLI. It is possible to create a QR code and share it with him/her. The other party should scan the QR code then the requested money will be deducted from his/her wallet and will be added to the users’ wallet.

Scan a QR code

If somebody sends a QR, users can scan it in the MOGLI app and send him/her the requested money.

TOP-UP ( In )

  1. Bank: To add more money to the wallet, the user should transfer it to our bank account. The operation team will credit his/her wallet.
  2. Link creation: Creating a payment link is useful to request money from those who don’t use MOGLI. The other party will fill in the information in the payment link. Users’ wallets will be credited as soon as the bank detects money from his/her bank account.

Withdraw (Out) & Beneficiaries

Users can send money to 120 countries easily.

Depending on the selected country, it takes 1 to 7 business days to withdraw, it includes an added percentage of money and a fixed fee but these are changeable from the MOGLI.

NOTE: Withdrawing money to all countries is automatically processed by Currency Cloud except Switzerland,  money transfer in Switzerland will remain pending on the support team’s dashboard until it is done manually in CC, 


A beneficiary is a person or a company that users want to withdraw money to. Click on the hamburger on the top right of the screen to view manage beneficiaries > add a new beneficiary.

Beneficiary questions are different and related to the country that the user wants to send money. Answers will be checked by Currency Cloud. If you won’t need the added beneficiary, swap on it and tap on delete.


Users can easily exchange money up to 34 currencies easily within seconds with an appropriate currency rate that is specified by Currency Cloud.

If users exchange on holidays, the rate will be 5% higher than the rate of the day before the holiday. The user will receive the second currency as soon as the Currency Cloud is done with the process and sends money to our treasury.


6-digit & 4-digit passcode

To manage apps’ security please click on the hamburger on the top right side of the menu > Security. There are two passcode options, 6digits, and 4 digits If the user wants to use fingerprints 4digits passcode “on ” must be turned on beforehand. 

Also, 6-digits passcode is very important, It makes users’ transactions more secure and will be asked for all transactions. 


Here users see all the devices used to log in to the application. It shows the device model, device brand, country it has been logged in the app, time, date, and IP. It is possible to delete any session.

Face – Identification

For transferring more than 5000 CHF, the app will ask for a selfie at the same time of transfer. The KYC provider will correspond to this selfie and the selfie at the first step of KYC, If they are the same, it is successful and the transfer will be done.


At the bottom of the menu, there are “Activities” that shows all wallet transactions and their statuses. Money in, money out, requests.

Also if the users’ friend hasn’t accepted the money request yet, here user can delete it. 

Details of transactions will be available after clicking on each, It is simple to save or share them as a receipt.


At the right top of the activity, page click on “Export” to get your statement as a PDF or Excel file. Please select the currency and the date. You can download or share the statement.

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