Digitalization in a wide range of industries

Digitalization is moving into all industries. We at ePay have focused on the digitalization of purchasing and ordering processes on smartphones and other end devices with a focus on the retail, sports & events as well as automotive industries.

Digital purchasing and ordering services in retail

Whether in business or on the go, purchasing products is becoming increasingly more practical for consumers. Digitization is the key driver here. When implemented properly, added value is created in this way for the consumer. The food trade, fashion segment and electrical retail markets are the focus here.

Many products are purchased at once in particular in the food trade. It is annoying to load up the cart, unload at the cash register and pack up again one more time after paying – not to mention the frequently long lines. All of that is much easier today: when choosing goods, these are also packaged for the final time as well. Payment then occurs either entirely without a cash register via the self-checkout terminal or still as before at the cash register, just faster and more conveniently.

Crucial steps are: scan the product’s barcode, get digital information about the product (-> digital purchasing assistant) – pay via the app, at the cash register or a self-checkout terminal – done!

Depending on the type of industry, various digital services are focused on. Basically, however, nobody likes to wait in a long line at the cash register, not in the grocery store, in fashion shops or in the electronics store. Digitalization is opening up new ways to bypass the cash register or to make the process at the cash register faster. In addition, the digital purchasing assistant helps to get more information about the selected products via text, image and video. In this way, the consumer gets quick and easy access to more specific information directly in the shop. However, shopping on the go is also becoming more important. Many items, including in fashion, are frequently purchased spontaneously. This therefore needs a channel that is always available in the form of a mobile shop on the smartphone. The offline world is to be efficiently connected to the online world.

These digital services create added value:

  • Digital self-service at the POS
  • Digital pre-ordering
  • Mobile shops & m-commerce