Digital purchasing and ordering services at sporting events, events and in club life


Sporting events and events are full of life and impulses. Whether soccer, ice hockey, handball or other types of sports, fans live for their sport, for their team and their athletes. Eating and drinking in the stadium is part of these events. However, standing in long lines at kiosks is time-consuming. It is just as time-consuming as the physical loading and unloading of the pay cards frequently used in the stadiums, which also require an expensive infrastructure. Frequently so-called ‘sleeper money’ remains as credit on the card for an undefined amount of time without ever being used again.

Another situation affects many small and large sports clubs. Cash is still the focus here. Food and drink, room bookings, but also sports courses can frequently only be paid in cash with a correspondingly high logistical effort to handle the money and an increased risk of wastage.


The central solution lies in the digitalization of an existing card ID or in the creation of one during registration. In this way, the effort for the fan, the caterer and the stadium operator is considerably simplified. The physical card can also be retained and remain in use.

What would such a situation look like? The fans order and pay for their food and drinks conveniently from their seats and then pick up their order at the kiosk. The caterers do not have to change their work flows. However, they can increase their throughput by a factor of four, since the ordering and payment process at the kiosk itself is eliminated. In addition, fans keep their own digital account, which makes it possible for them to load and unload money at any time, regardless of the location.

The solution for clubs is similar. Food and drinks, room bookings, sports courses or other offers are ordered and paid for via a smartphone app. The digital service behind it is a digital representation of the respective offers on the one hand and the simple and convenient digital payment via app. These convenient advantages benefit everyone – both the club members as well as the clubs themselves. Everyone benefits from the easy handling and the quick overview.

Important functions

  • Mobile loading and unloading of the card via a digital account – without a physical infrastructure
  • Payment with the physical card via a digital account
  • Payment with the digitized stadium card
  • Digital pre-ordering of food and drinks, sports courses, room bookings