Universities & Schools

Digitalization in a wide range of industries

Digitalization is moving into all industries. We at Rational Process have focused on the digitalization of purchasing and ordering processes on smartphones and other end devices with a focus on the retail, sports & events as well as automotive industries.

Digital Money Management & Purchasing and Payment Services at Universities & Schools


Money management is the responsibility of student unions in Germany, for example, while it is the responsibility of the universities in other countries. An EU law soon coming into effect states that the administration of funds may only be carried out by organizations/companies that have a bank license or an eMoney license. Since student unions or universities today manage the student money, they will soon need a service provider who has such a license.

The student card/ID is one of the key tools in a student’s life. This card verifies the student’s identification, is used for payment, is borrowed and of course grants access to various premises. All of these activities are of course already digitized in a certain way, but not to the degree that facilities and simplifies handling for students, the student union or the university.


The digital solutions from Rational Process are aimed at providing the student as well as the student union or university simple and convenient processes and merging existing processes in a meaningful way.

  •  A digitized money management greatly reduces the accounting costs in the student union/university and makes it faster. It helps to achieve more efficiency, transparency and cost savings.
  • A digitized student ID creates new digital services via smartphone, which are conveniently used in the cafeteria, when reloading money on the student card, for money transfers from abroad or when paying money to the university or for rent in an app.